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The Book of sessions and abstracts is available here ico pdf 01 

The Book of posters is available here ico pdf 01 

Given the number of presentations and the size of the book of abstracts, it will not be distributed in paper version during the Congress. We therefore invite you to download this book and, if you wish, print it in part or in its entirety. The book of abstracts will also be given in digital format on a flash drive that is offered in the Congress bag given to each participant.

This Congress bag will also contain a printed guide presenting the simplified programme of the Congress, including the times and titles of all communications and an index of authors.

The programme is available here ico pdf 01 

We would like to remind you that you have a total of 15 minutes (10 min presentation + 5 min questions) for your presentation. To facilitate mutual understanding in all multilingual sessions, we would appreciate if you could, if possible, have a slide presentation in French if you are presenting in English, and in English if you are presenting in French.

Guideline to realize your poster

A poster must be a maximum size of 180 cm high and 90 cm wide. To facilitate hanging, perforated grommets should be attached in each corner. If not, the poster will be hung with clips. On opening day of the Congress (Monday morning, 27 June), those for whom their poster has been accepted must go to the Registration Desk to receive the number corresponding to the panel on which it will be hung.

Registration and payments of registration fees is required for everyone presenting a poster and who will be present in Toulouse. If they cannot be present, the poster can be given to a colleague. Exceptionally, a poster can be mailed by post to the Congress organisers. Please send your poster to this address :
CPRS / Maison de la recherche (colloque SAfA)
Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès
5 allées Antonio Machado, 31058 Toulouse cedex 9 France

The organisers are not responsible for printing posters.



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